Commercial Cleaning

Finding a cleaning company may seam to be a straight forward task,but finding a cleaning company able to guarantee its work based on clear quality procedures and top notch customer service is more complicated.Searose Professional Care can provide all these and more.Are you having problems with your current cleaning company?
Have standards dropped?
Are you irritated to be paying for a service that is just not delivered?
Paharps you have just acquired a new office block and need a quote?Whatever the reason,Searose Professional Care will be pleased to provide a professional cleaning service to your business.
Please take a look around the website to see what services we can offer


About SEAROSE PROFESSIONAL CARE CALL 0775351172,0715691173,0771908545 0774062823,0775348192,,,

SEAROSE PROFESSIONAL CARE a domestic cleaning,office cleaning and commercial cleaning company based in Nairobi. MISSION: Searose Professional Care's mission is to provide the customer with all the residential and commercial cleaning services in an environmentally sound,completely trustworthy and professional manner. QUALITY CLEANING: Whether you are a medical office,small business office,distribution warehouse,corporate headquarters or property manager your main concern is quality cleaning for your entire space. Searose Professional Care provides you with outstanding services-on a continuing basis. TRAINED CLEANERS: Our professional cleaning crews are trained to deliver for any type of client.They know the difference between cleaning and sterilization and they know how long it takes to eliminate infectious bacteria or viruses.Our crews,know exactly how to deliver cleaning services to all of our clients.We train our cleaners on all technologies,254 775 348 192,774 062 823,739 079 939
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