Do I really need to hire a houre cleaning company?

After a long hard day at work and following a hefty commute home,do you really feel like facing mountains of grimy laundry or tackling the towers of grimy dishes which are steadly growing in your kitchen sink?

We didn’t think so!Searose Professional Care provides a complete bespoke domestic cleaning service which is guaranteed to make your life much easier.

What Areas to you Cover?

We cover most areas in Nairobi and many more.Call us on 0734 898 471 or 0717 337 454 to check if we cover particular area.

What kind of Services do you Provide?

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality commercial and residential cleaning services in Nairobi.We serve thousands of customers in Nairobi and professional cleaning solutions for any size homes,offices,shops,pubs,restaurants and more.

What are your working hours?

Our cleaning team work seven days a week and are very flexible.

Do you work Nights/Weekends/Holidays,etc?

Most of our cleaners do not mind working on sundays or holidays or in an emergency-at night we do not charge you extra for this.

Do your services have a quality guarantee?

The cleaning we provide is a guaranteed professional service.If our cleaners missed something or there is anything that you are not happy with,you can always call our office within 24 hours of the job.The cleaning team will come back to do a fref-of-charge re-cleaning of the missed spot.

Do i have to pay anything extra apart from your quoted price for the job?

Our quoted price includes all taxes and services.

Is you staff insured and vetted?

Our cleaners are fully-insured and properly trained.We do not employ just anyone-we only employ people whom we know personally or are recommended by people who already work for us.


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