Searose Professional Care is an experienced professional cleaning company constantly developing its cleaning services in one of the fastest growing industries at the moment.

Our domestic cleaning services:

>Regular cleaning

>One-off cleans

>End of Tenancy cleaning

>Carpet cleaning

>Upholstery cleaning

>Window cleaning

>Outdoor cleaning

Basic Cleaning Services:

-Carpets vacuumed
-Beds made
-Linens changed.
-All areas dusted
-picture frames dusted
-Mirrors cleaned -Windowsills cleaned
-Trash bins emptied
-Baseboad dusted
-Lamp shade wiped down or dusted.

-Countertops and blackplash cleaned
-Cabinet front washed or dusted
-Floor vacuumed and washed
-Sinks scrubbed amd disinfected
-Dishes washed
-Wash or dust table or chairs.

-Towels changed -Vanity top cleaned
-Chrome fixture cleaned and shined
-Tubs and/or shower tiles thoroughly cleaned,disinfected and rinsed
-Toilets disinected inside and out,including base and behind.
d)Other Living Areas Including Hallways and Stairs

-All areas dusted-on top,front and underneath
-Upholstery furniture vacuumed
-Hardwood or tiles floors dump mopped
-Carpeted floors vacuumed
-Baseboads dusted and cobwebs removed
-Windowsills wiped down.


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