1.One time cleaning-Kshs.12,240

2.Carpet cleaning-Kshs.8,170

3.Tile cleaning-Kshs.6,800

4.Hard surface(Vinyl)-Kshs.34,000

5.Regular domestic cleaning
-Kshs.1,496 per hour(weekly)-Min. 3 hours

6.End of Tenancy cleaning:
-Studio flat Kshs.1,240
-One bedroom propery Kshs.16,320
-Two bedroom property Kshs.19,040
-Three bedroom property Kshs.23,120
-Four bedroom property Kshs.34,000

7.After party cleaning Kshs.1904(per hour)

8.Upholstery cleaning:
-Two seat sofa Kshs.4,080
-Three seat sofa Kshs.5,440

-Single Mattress Kshs.2720

-Double Mattress Kshs.4760

-Curtains half length(per set) Kshs. 4080

-Curtains full length(per set)Kshs.5440

We will visit your premises,listen to your needs and assess exactly what your cleaning requires.We then put together a package that is based on your requirements and expectations.Our site visit and quotations are completely free of charge.We will work hard to tailor a pricing structure to your budget.


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