-Office cleaning

-Domestic Cleaning

-Upholstery Cleaning

-Carpet Cleaning

-After Party Cleaning

-End of Tenancy Cleaning

-Maids Services

-Detailed Car Cleaning

Call for on-the spot quotes or we will drop by your property if you like and send you a quote.

‘We promise 100% satisfaction.If you don’t love it,we’ll take it back !


During our initial quote visit,we provide you with a detailed description of what our standard cleaning service.


Your goal is to stop the spread of potential harmful disease or bacteria.Our crews are trained to know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting .Our medical office cleaning includes custom-tailored services,red bag removals and emerpency cleaning services.


The expert at Searose Professional Care can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favourite uphostered furniture.


When you go to bed at night,you probably want to feel relaxed and ready for some good night sleep.Clean,nice-smelling bedding can work like a charn and send you dozing in practically no time.


Everything about upholstery cleaning will increase your comfort level and we will help you maiotain the beauty,appearance and softness of your upholstery.


Searose Professional Care offers hard floor cleaning and floor cleaning services all over Nairobi for all types of hard and wood floors.Our professional wood cleaners can tackle polishing,floor buffing,stripping,sanding and sealing.


There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you look at the meyhem the morning after the party.If you do decide to choose us for your after party cleaning,what can ynu expect?
For a start,we clear all glasses,cans,rubbish,bottles,empty all the kitchen bin cans in the kitchen and othe rooms befor moving onto the living room,where the same clean up is carried out,before we clean and dust all surfaces,and vacuum or mop the floor(or you can opt for full carpet cleaning).

The bathroom and toilets are next on our list.We wii clean all the surfaces,as well as the sink and taps,mirrors.We the scrub and disinfect the toilets and finish off by vacuuming and mopping the floor.

The kitchen usually the focal point of the party is next on our list.We wash the plates and glasses that have been discarded.clean all the work surfaces and the sink and taps.

After we have vacuumed and mopped the floor you wouldn’t believe that a party had beed in full swing just the night before.


High traffic areas can get dirty quickly,making it hard to make a good impression on customers.Let us make sure your floors look their best everyday.
Every office has certain areas that require extra care.Our expert teams have notes for every customer,so they know exactly how you want your office cleaned.


Did your last cooking experiement go awry?Are your kinds budding chefs?From the floor to the cabinets to the sinks,you kitchen will be ready fos the next cutinary and done.

Get a good night’s rest knowing that your bedroom has been cleaned and dusted from the floor to the bureau,strip your bed and leave out the linens,and we’ll make your bed wiith fresh sheets for you!


We are aware that your carpet is an investment,and you expect it to look its best for years to come.We understand this and as such we don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning fluids.Our carpet cleaners only use environmentally friendly cleaning products,which will leave your carpet looking clean and colourful,and smelling as good as new.Treating your carpet to a deep clean will also improve the quality of air at your home or office,minimising risks to Asthma and Allergy sufferer.


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