About Us:

Searose Professional Care is a licensed domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning company established in 2012 based in Nairobi.


To be the leader in providing distinguished services to our clients and be a dependable partner in the delivery of affordable and cost effective services


To provide customers with all residential and commercial cleaning services in an enviromentally sound,completely trustworthy and professional manner.

Our Values:

-Highly professional staff

-Outstanding services

-Never tiring&Reliable workers


-Time keeping.

Management Team:

Why Choose Us?

We ensure customer service is at the heart of everything we do and when you choose us for your cleaning you join a whole host of satisfied customers.
 We wilk introduce a bespoke cleaning schedule and specification ensuring the highest levels of cleaning are continually maintained at a level that will constantly exceed your expectations.


1.Commercial Cleaning

>Regular& One-off cleaning
>Office cleaning

>Show Room cleaning

>Retail Shop cleaning

>Venue cleaning

>Pub&Restaurant cleaning

>Night club cleaning

-Doctor office,medical healthier professional cleaning services
 -Apartment cleaning services
 -Venue,Entainment and Movie set services
 -Emergency cleaning services

At Searose Professional Care we deliver the highest standard of cleaning coupled with outstanding customer service.
We pride ourselves on developing a service which is tailored to your budget and cleaning needs.

Health and Safety
 We operate and adhere to a strict health and safety policy.

Cleaning Products and Technology:
 We ensure only professional equipment and consumables are used by our staff and our forward thinking attitude towards new and innovative cleaning products and technology ensure we continually look to improve our standards which in turn saves your money by reducing the time required to clean your premises.


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